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Experts in the development of Virtual Assistants for multiple channels

Gat-Blac is a company focused on software development with the perspective of providing affordable and easy to apply solutions for multiple and varied contexts.

At Gat-Blac we are experts in the development ofVirtual Assistants who use artificial intelligence which can be applied in different types of businesses.

We offer solutions with chatbots based on our Hubbter technology which allows to make available chatbots for different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp for Business, Telegram, Skype, Skype for Business, Mobile applications, WebChat (Chat embedded in websites), among others.

We have a development team with extensive experience in the stock market and banking, and we have the support of clients such as the Santiago Stock Exchange.

Virtual Assistant Gat-Blac

flechaThe Virtual Assistant is a software capable of holding a conversation with a person, from a cognitive training.

flechaThe Virtual Assistant can attend a large number of people simultaneously and centralize different channels, either from a chat mounted on a website, a mobile application that uses text or the voice engine of the device, a Facebook chat, Telegram, Skype, among others.

flechaThe Virtual Assistant is used to carry out customer service functions. They also allow operations for various types of businesses such as sales of products or services, reservations, recommendations, intermediation, among others.

flechaThe conversation engine of the Virtual Assistant is able to "understand what a person writes" (interpret the natural language) using Artificial Intelligence.

flechaThe Virtual Assistant is available to respond to users' messages at any time and at any time (24x7 availability).

flechaThe Virtual Assistant optimizes response times to customers and availability in the service. This translates not only into cost savings for companies, but also an increase in their reputation for attention and availability concepts.

Management Platform

The Virtual Assistant is a product aimed at companies that need to enable conversation channels with their customers, for which it is essential to have an Administration Platform in which companies can manage all the information associated with the interactions between users of different channels and the Virtual Assistant.

The Administration Platform governs the operation of the Virtual Assistant, so that in addition to displaying information, the Platform allows you to configure conversation bots, channels, users, locks, personalized responses, among other functions.

Some features that are especially relevant for our clients are: Dynamically configure notifications to users of the Platform based on defined behaviors of chat users and allow platform users to take manual control of a conversation with the possibility of using predefined answers.

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The Gat-Blac team


Alex Berrocal

System Architect, Technical Leader of Projects


Jorge Garcés

IT Project Manager, Virtual Assistant Technical Leader


Matías Uribe

IT Project Manager, Team Projects


Mauricio Paredes

Senior Software Engineer


Fabio Bórquez

Software Engineer


Enoc Baeza

Software Engineer


Sebastián González

Software Engineer


Javier Villarroel

Software Engineer


Eduardo Marchant



Guillermo Zúñiga



Valentina Martínez

Commercial and Operational Manager


Francisco Feest

Artificial Intelligence Analyst


Hernán Bahamonde

Sales consultant